or Ashley for longer. Quite intrigued by

the connections I make with life and

stars, as above so below.

I am Ash

or Ashley for longer. Quite intrigued by the sky and the connections I make between them and life.

I am quirky, charming & feisty.

Which basically describes my Moon in Aquarius (quirky), my Libra Rising (charming) & my Sun next to Mars in Gemini (feisty).


Combining Gardening & Astrology Since 2009

Astrology came into me when I had no idea what to do for my garden. So much to do, luckily ancient knowledge of ‘Moon planting’ came my way. The Moon guided my actions most of the time. There are better days, according to what zodiac sign the Moon is in to plant and other days to weed.

10 years went by with gardening & farming by the Moon & I FINALLY realized I can take this knowledge into my everyday life.

 Understanding people by their astrology make-up gave me awareness & less stress in my life. Having a knack with people, I am able to make astrology easily understandable to help others with themselves and their close relationships.

My Story

Tried, tested, and true. My closest relationships, my partner and our daughter, were once my biggest stress factors, until I learned their basic astrological make-up. My life shifted. I learned & then utilized this awareness into everyday happenings. I could make sense of their behavior and observe without reacting or becoming stressed.


Teaching You Tools of the Universe

Help You Lead A More Fulfilling Life

Lean Into Your Gifts from Perspectives of the Cosmos

Insights in an easy understandable language 


       H is a tipped over glyph  ♊︎  for Gemini “the Messenger” Zodiac Sign 

photo credits from top to bottom : Katie  |  Alison Winterroth Photography  |  Libby Smith  |  graphic design by Emily Pieper emilydubaypieper@gmail.com


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