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Services Offered

My goals for all astrology conversations are for you to have:

  Clarity     Awareness    AH-HA Moments         Perspective

Connect The Dots        Empowerment       Wisdom


Individual BirthChart $80

$80 – 90min * With your Birth Data (Birth date, Birth Location & Birth Time) I study your chart then present and dialogue with you via in person or over the phone. Recorded.

Multiple People Birth Chart $71/adult $35/kid

$71 per person / $35 pp 14yo under – 45min/per person  *  Individual person + how the 2 charts (or more) interact, in astrology this is called Synastry. Recorded.

Dip Your Toes in Astrology. $44

$44 – 45 min * With your Birth Data (Birth date, Birth Location & Birth Time) I take notes on your chart then present to you via in person or over the phone. Recorded.

Follow - Up Astrology Conversation $98

$98 – 90 min * Birthday Chart Interpretation, Year Ahead for you, Eclipse Year Interpretation, Overall Life Questions. Recorded.

Learn Basic Astrology - 1 on 1 Education $152

  $152 – 3seperate 1 hour sessions for 1 person / $197 – 3 1hour sessions 2 people * Receive Basic Astrology Help + Guidance for you to utilize this great tool in everyday life. Conversations in person or over the phone. Recorded.

Starlight Strategy Business Guidance

Aligning your Business with the Stars. Libby Smith & I offer a weaving of traditional methods of organizational development with the wisdom of astrology. Click starlightstrategy.com for more info. 

Descriptions of Services Offered

please email me if you have any questions or need more clarification


Birth Chart Interpretation

$80- 90min

From the Moment of your Birth, Astrologers can offer guidance to about

your Character + your natural gifts to lean into + challenges to gain wisdom from. I also include info about what’s going on now with the planets & how it’s impacting your Birth Chart. Dialogue Recorded


Family | Friend Interpretation

$71- per person/45 min each

$35 – under 14yo.

Multiple People & how they interact with each other.

Great awareness on you + your family members, partners, children, friends or co-workers. Using each persons Birth Chart to describe their character + how they impact your life.

Dialogue Recorded.



Dip your toes Birth Chart Interpretation

$44 – 45 min

If you are a bit iffy then we can start with a smaller commitment with Character Description + Potential Gifts + Challenges to learn from. Dialogue Recorded.



Follow-Up Astrology Dialogue

 $98- 90 min

Once you have had the basic Birth Chart Interpretation we can dialogue about guidance specific to your needs. This can be Birthday Chart Reading (Solar Return Chart) + Year ahead + How Eclipses of year Impacting you + Questions you have with current life. Dialogue Recorded.



Astrology Education

$152 – 3 hrs. 1 person

$197 – 3 hrs. 2 people  A personal opportunity to get the basics of Astrology. In person (Central Wisconsin Area) or thru Zoom Conference Call. You will learn the differences between the unique signs + the expressions of each planet + basic chart interpretations. Dialogue Recorded.



zoom video conversations.        All Dialogues Recorded


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