1. Happen to be reading this on my 6 months and goodness does this make so much sense to the way I’m feeling. That you for bringing such ease to understanding.

    1. Oh goodness It’s real for you this year as I am curious about other years as you Erika I know may be an exception to the rule! Keep me posted

  2. SHAZZAM! Nov 5 was my half Bday. No wonder I was “going through it” in a hard way. Geeze!!!! Good to know.
    I’m just emerging from the drama/angst/frustrations.
    Thanks Ash!! Great stuff💚🎶💚🎶💚🥰

    1. Mind blown huh? WOW thank for sharing. Interesting you are another I know that I thought might be an exception to the rule because your Moon sign is in the opposite of your Sun sign….(scratching head) ok well we cannot deny what is real for you this time. Keep me posted on the other dates!

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